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Happy 2020

Has yours started well? Have you had a chance to do your business planning? I'd love to know what your business planning consists of! Here at The Good P.A at the start of each year I have 4 key documents I update:

  1. Our Business Plan
  2. Our Budget sheet - which includes a cashflow, P&L budget and some other various spreadsheets
  3. Our Goals for the year, along with staff hours, current packages and new client tracking
  4. My Ideal Business Vision - SUPER important. Keeps me focused

So please do tell me - how do you get ready for the year ahead? Do you do any planning? Flick me an email:

I think planning is SO important. Goals without action plans are simply dreams. While it is lovely to dream up all the awesome things we want our businesses to do for us if we don't PLAN and then ACTION, these 'dreams' will often stay just that - dreams. It's so easy to get to the end of the year and think huh I really didn't get everything I wanted to get done, done. If you're one of the MANY few who hasn't planned yet - don't feel bad. We're here to help. 

I am hugely excited about My Mission for 2020 because I want to help you as a business owner be less stressed, have a better life balance, earn a good income and really just be HAPPY in your business.

Were only 14 days into the New Year (and decade) and I’ve already come across so many stressed out business owners – trying to make plans for 2020 but feeling overwhelmed. We at The Good P.A want to help you with that overwhelm by giving you the Gift of Time.

While coaches and consultants will often put a plan in force for you (believe me there is definitely a place for a coach/consultant - I use two) where we differ is that not only will I help you create a plan for the New Year but our Team will then make sure your goals and the tasks to get those goals ticked off are DONE! We will literally chase you to make sure your Plan for 2020 happens. 

What's my actual mission? My mission for 2020 is to help 10 business owners create the businesses they dreamt of.

If you are reading this and your business isn’t what you dreamt of book a FREE meeting with me to find out exactly what it takes and what we will give you becoming part of my #Mission2020Squad

Let's conquer 2020 together! 


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