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What I wish I'd known about Branding before starting my business

I really wish I'd received input from a great designer/marketer about branding when starting The Good P.A. As 'new to business owners' we often put ALL of ourselves into our businesses, including our own likes and dislikes. I love orange and we'll all bright colours - coral, yellow, orange being my favs. So, when I started The Good P.A and our brand I went with a coral logo - thinking about what I wanted. When the truth is - I should have been thinking about what our clients would want - what our target market would want. Sometimes and especially in the start-up phase, it's hard to separate your own likes and wants from your prospective clients.

If you know our current branding and logo you probably have some ??? above your head? Because our main logo is still coral/orange 😂 While we have thought about a COMPLETE re-brand, as a Team we decided that a lot of effort has gone into our brand over the last 5 years. We have added a green to our colour scheme and often use the green in much of our advertising (depending on who were targeting). So, we just aren't ready to part ways. Maybe I'm not?

Are you happy with your current business brand? Is it part of your own likes and dislikes? And does it SCREAM out at your Ideal client/customer, grabbing their attention?

We now have Leah, our wonderful Graphic Designer on board who helps business owners build beautiful brands from the START! If you're unsure on whether your brand is the RIGHT fit, get in touch. We would love to help you on your journey!



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