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About The Good P.A

Why we do what we do | Who we are | What's important to us

We’re here for you and your business. We love what we do – time saving office admin & beautiful design for your business. It’s what we’re great at. You go be great at what you do and we will support your business dreams – from our office here in Te Awamutu.

We started our journey in April 2015 when Chantelle Good (get the bizo name?) noticed business owners running around with their hands in the air, screaming… No, not really, but she swears they were on the inside! Maybe you’ve forgotten that ‘ideal’ business you imagined when you started and need some time back to work on it again.

We’re here for you. We too are a local business, employing local people, supporting our community and wanting to work with YOU! Because if you’re reading this and you’re wondering how we can help you, give us a call, an email, even a text. Let’s meet up to see if we can be your gift of time. And shout you that coffee | hot choco | turmeric latte – whatever floats your boat.

We're NZ based Virtual Assistants and Designers.

Our Motto

'Positive in Business'

We're here to make a positive impact on businesses throughout the Waikato, including our own.

Our Values

Find out how we can help you!

Let us give you 'The Gift of Time'

In the Community

People are important to us. Chantelle didn't get into business to make money and go home. She got into business to employ locals, give back, support her family and be an influencer of what TRUE good business should be about. People are IMPORTANT. 

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got!"

So change it up says Chantelle

St John New Zealand

We make a regular monthly donation to St John New Zealand. St John completes many different services throughout New Zealand - their best known one would be managing our ambulance service.

Again close to our heart - Chantelle has been for a few ambulance rides in her lifetime. Chantelle also donates to St John's on a personal basis and highly recommends signing your family up for a membership. It covers the cost of any ambulance rides you may need and supports St John.

We would hate to think where we would be without them.

If you too would like to make a donation you can do so here 

SPCA New Zealand

We make a regular monthly donation to SPCA New Zealand. SPCA helps protect over 45,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who are sick, injured, abused or simply abandoned.

SPCA receives almost no government funding, everything they do relies on community support and donation. Together, we help the animals that so desperately need it, and bring justice to those who have failed these innocent animals.

If you too would like to make a donation you can do so here

Community Day

We love being a part of this community and for one day every year, we close our doors, and gift our time to a local organisation or charity where we think we can help the most!

There is an application process and in March each year we start the process again where local organisations can fill out our application form and wait to hear who receives our time for the day. 

If you are a local Waikato Charity/Not for Profit or other organisation and you would like to sign up please fill out our form. 

Members of the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce

We're not only a financial member, Chantelle is the Chair on the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce.

The Team

CHANTELLE GOOD - Business Development Manager & Director

Business Development Manager & Director

I started The Good P.A in April 2015 when realising my passion for business. I love process, being organised, people and business in general. Everything about business excites me - marketing, financials (I do love numbers), hiring staff.

"If you want to work with a business that wants to help you continue to grow the success of your business - that's us! I love seeing our clients happy in their businesses."

Community      "I am the Chair on the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce."

Experience       "I worked as a Personal Assistant in the Financial Services industry for four years, previous to that I worked in various administration positions which include being a Service Receptionist in the Motor Industry and a Purchasing Assistant for Holcim NZ. In 2016 I completed a certificate in bookkeeping with the The Career Academy."

Personally       "I LOVE my big extended family who live around the Waikato, I live in Te Awamutu with my son and partner. We enjoy doing up our house, cars and my quiet time includes reading & horse riding. I am driven and believe in positive action and would love to help you by giving you your time back to enjoy your business."

LEAH WHITE - Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Dressed on point - Rapunzel with hair so long - beautiful inside and out - Top communication & design skills

Experience      "I graduated from AUT University with a Certificate in Art and Design, followed by my Bachelor of Graphic Design. I moved to Australia with my partner and picked up a design job for a Sydney Magazine company. I moved on to start my own freelancing business where I specialised in communication design, focusing mainly on company identity and branding. After starting a family, I created a Social Media based company where I commissioned and also donated a lot of illustrative and custom artwork and design.

Personally       I have recently moved home from Australia with my partner, Andrew and two beautiful girls, Harper and Ava. After spending six lovely years in Australia, I am filled with gratitude to have family and friends so close again. When I'm not with loved ones or renovating our home, I enjoy drawing, working out, watching documentaries and movies, cake decorating and cooking extravagant feasts."

JANNINE FAIRHURST - Bookkeeping Manager

Bookkeeping Manager

Our Mermaid (could live in the water) - LOVES coffee & has a Sweet tooth - FAST and efficient. 

Experience     “I have worked in various Accounts and Office Administration roles around the Waipa area for 20+ years.  Throughout this time I have acquired a broad range of skills and knowledge that compliment my role here at The Good P.A.

Personally      I love to spend my spare time with my husband Mike and my 3 boys (plus the extras that tag along with them) fishing, diving and enjoying time at the beach. I also love socialising with my family and friends, cooking, walking, playing netball and squash."

DEE McQUEEN - Receptionist and VA

Receptionist and VA

Superstar - Coffee extraordinaire - Direct and to the point and FOREVER helpful!

Experience       "Previous to starting with the Good P.A, I worked as an Insolvency Specialist in Brisbane Australia, for 5 years. I worked with both Australian and New Zealand companies and thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Before this I worked for Inland revenue for 5 years, in various roles, both in Hamilton and Auckland.  

Personally        I have recently returned home, from Brisbane Australia, with my 3 year old daughter Willow. We enjoy spending time outdoors gardening, at the beach, or just at the local parks. In my spare time I enjoy baking, reading, or just relaxing in the sun."


VA and Bookkeeper

Tangiwai started working with us in August 2019

Experience      “I hold a diploma in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Analysis degree with a Major in Accounting, which is complemented with various accounts/office admin roles. I’ve also worked within the dairy farming industry for a few years, which has provided a variety in my work life.

Personally       Any spare time I have is always spent outdoors with loved ones, guaranteed. You’ll find me deep in the bush hunting, or out on the water fishing. I’m a big-time backyard tourist, who loves to travel and explore.”

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