AgriSmart Payroll Package - team of 10


AgriSmart Payroll Package for up to a team of 10

These packages have been created for farmers - to keep their Payroll, Farm tasks and Health and Safety requirements up to date. They are monthly packages. 

This package includes all of the below for up to a team of between 6 and 10 users:

  • AgriSmart software for roster, timesheet, payroll, farm tasks and Health and Safety management
  • Full set-up and management of AgriSmart software 
  • Unlimited phone and email help for the AgriSmart software
  • A one off 1 hour team training - to go through the software and show your team how to use the mobile app
  • We run and complete your payrolls - weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • All Payroll and PAYE requirements completed by our team
  • Unlimited phone and email help for Payroll - we will answer your questions and deal directly with your employees (if required)

Please note: The Monthly price for these packages is $650 + gst each month. This cost includes our $250 + gst Set-up fee. 

Terms for this package
If you fail to pay an invoice by the due date we have the right to cancel your services effective immediately, you will still be required to pay any money owing and any money due in the current month we have worked. If you wish to cancel your Monthly package we require at least one months notice in writing or email. 

In the event that you cancel your Monthly package you are still required to pay your full Monthly package invoice for the month in which you cancel your package.

If purchased in our shop your first payment will pay for the Set-up free and Monthly package for the current month we are in. After this all fees are invoiced at the end of each month and are due 7 days from the date of the invoice. 

As soon as an invoice is overdue by 30 days the debt will incur 2.5% interest added per month from the due date of the invoice until it is paid. If an invoice remains unpaid for longer than 60 days we reserve the right to hand the debt to a debt collection agency to collect. Any and all debt collection, legal and any other fees made by us trying to get payment from you, the client, will be added to your invoice total.

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