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Community Day Registration Form

We love being a part of this community and for one day every year, we close our doors, and gift our time to a local organisation or charity where we think we can help the most!

There is an application process and in Feb/March each year we start the process again where local organisations can fill out our application form and wait to hear who receives our time for the day. 

If you are a local Waikato Charity/Not for Profit or other organisation and you would like the opportunity to be chosen for our upcoming Community Day please fill out the application form below. 

Please provide all required details to register your entity to WIN 8 hours of our teams time

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Thanks for registering! Good luck!

We will be in touch whether your application was successful or not.

Thanks for applying - The Good P.A Team

Terms & Conditions

1.    You do not need to be a registered Charity or Not for Profit.
2.    We will choose a winner from the 1st of  March 2020.
3.    The winner will be chosen by the staff at The Good P.A.
4.    The winner will be contacted via email, phone or any other contact details we have for them.
5.    The Good P.A will not travel any further than 50kms from our office at 115 Market Street, Te Awamutu to complete the Community Day.
6.    All travel time will be included in the 8 hour day.
7.    Our 8 hour day is considered 9.00am – 5.00pm, including taking a quick break for lunch.
8.    We will provide our team (five staff members). Subject to someone being away ill or having a prior commitment. Therefore, there is no guarantee there will be five staff members available.
9.    The winning organisation must be happy with allowing us to post videos, pictures and other media relating to this day, to social media.
10.   This day is not transferable for money or anything else.
11.   If a suitable date can not be agreed on The Good P.A reserves the right to choose a new winner.

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